Friday, August 14, 2009

Short Story 1 Pt1

It was a terribly cold day in early February. The wind bit at His neck with razor sharp teeth as he walked down the streets of Boston. It was to cloudy to see the sun. It always had been, ever since the Great War. The man wore a black coat made of wool which reached down to his knees. He held it shut tight against the wind with his hands, because the buttons had been ripped off. He reached a building and turned and entered. He went up some stairs, and then entered a room with furnishings similar to a college dorm; sparse. Everything was sparse now. Only members of the Inner Circle received any kind of pleasure items. and it was even worse for the Low. They lived in shacks all around the city and thousands died every winter. He went to the Cooling Box and opened it, but didn't expect to find anything. His expectations were correct and so he sat down on the single chair he had managed to salvage some years ago from a burning house. It was already 20 Hours and so He lay down on his standard issue sleep couch and fell asleep.

The next day he woke up and went through his regular schedule. He was released from work early, however, which hadn't been done to him in years. Not one to reject benefits, however, He walked back toward Apartment suite 102.

The day was as cold as ever, and suddenly a massive gust of wind knocked him into the wall of a building. he regained his balance and continued on but was suddenly struck down. He tried to roll over but as he did so a massive blow came down on his head and he fell into unconsciousness.

He awoke to bright, fluorescent, lights blaring down on him. he was in a large room, all cement, and all white. He looked for some form of bed or bench but there were none. It was completely bleak.

A voice boomed, "Hello, it seems you've decided to wake up. We will send someone in for you presently." "What am I here for?! Are you going to kill me?". There was no response. He heard footsteps outside his room. They echoed alot. The door swung open and two men in green uniforms entered. "Follow us". He hesitated for a second and so the guard grabbed him and took him along.

They walked down the hall and entered the sixth door on the right. It had a large table with straps on it. The guards commanded him to undress, he hesitantly obeyed. Then they put him on the table and strapped him down. The guard furnished a whip with three strings, each having a jagged piece of iron attached to it.

The guard's hand brought down the whip. It tore deep into His abdomen. By the end of the treatment he couldn't remember how many times he had been hit with that brutal tool. He was bleeding all over. They carried him back to his room and then left him there, throwing his clothes at him as they left.

"How did that feel?" boomed the voice. He lifted his eyes to where he imagined the speaker must be and stared. "Most of them feel quite a shock at the first treatment, so this is no surprise." "What am I here for?", he half moaned. "You will find out soon enough".

The next day he was given a meal. It consisted of a hunk of bread. Almost before he could begin eating however another two Guards came and took him away. They didn't go in the same door though, they brought him to another room. The guard who whipped him the last day was there, in a chair and his hands were tied. The two guards left, leaving the guard from yesterday alone with him. A voice spoke through one of the many speaker-like things in the room. "Yesterday was his turn, now it's yours. Do whatever you like to him." "He acted on your orders. My vendetta is not with him." "It is your choice." There was silence. His thoughts were knotted. Morality held strongly to his thoughts. He would not do this. He would not avenge himself against the tool used against him. He was resolved, no matter what happened, he would settle his Vendetta with whoever was behind all this, and that he wouldn't harm the innocent tools.

Time ticked on, it must have been around 03 Hours by now. They still hadn't come for him. He was still sitting, staring at the guard. His mind was getting weaker. He could feel it. A slow decrease in mental strength, like a small leak in a barrel. He tried to rest, but the lights bore down on him with hideous strength. He wondered why he had been brought here, and when it would all be over.

07 Hours, no one had come.

08 Hours, no one.

09 Hours, no one.

10 Hours, He heard footsteps outside his door, but no one entered.

11 Hours, no one.

12 Hours, Finally they came. They opened the door and told him to come with them. They untied the guard he had been with earlier aswell. They brought him down the hall, but instead of going to his room they entered a different one. The one he had been to yesterday. They laid him out on the table, and strapped him down. then they left him with the guard. The one who he had refused to hurt. But the guard had no such compassion. He raised his whip and let it fall over and over again. It tore through the cloth and re-opened all the cuts from the day before. Over and over it was raised, and then fell. Finally it stopped. The guard untied his straps and threw him to the floor and then proceeded to kick him. The came fast and hard. He rolled on the ground in agony but he couldn't avoid the massive boots. They stopped, and he was dragged back to his cell, a bloody mess.

How could these men do this? why are they doing this? What's wrong with me?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Riseing Of Powers Chapter 4 Pt 2

No one ever found out who really killed Kraig Smith. Some had their suspicions. But in time it all faded away in people's minds. Just like everything else.

Aaron and David both graduated highschool and got into a very prestigious University known for it's International Relations program. That's what they were in. they had both been at it for 3 years. and were impatient to graduate so that they could move on and start their careers. With a goal of becoming the US ambassadors to the UN.

It was a starlit night, and Aaron was sitting outside with David. "It truly is amazing. How the stars sprinkle the heavens with their light." "Definitely. I like that one constellation over there, to left the quite a bit." "yes, it's very nice."

After they graduated College, they worked with the standing US ambassador to the UN, Micheal Hekloff. He showed them around, introduced them to his friends, and sometimes even to his enemies. Through their relationship with him they met many valuable people. Many of whom would be very useful to Aaron in the coming years. However, the greatest friendship he struck up was with the English ambassador, Gordon Chamberlain.

Eventually as time went on Micheal became older, and more bored with his position. So that after working with him for 3 years, he nominated Aaron and David to congress as his replacements. Congress agreed, though not unanimously. "David, I need to talk to you about something. I've thought about it a very long time, and I think it's time that you know." "I'm listening." "This apointment we just got, is exactly what I have been waiting for." "isn't it why we've been working with Micheal so long even if he did treat us worse then dirt?" "Well, no. I mean, there's more. What is to say that we have to stop here as being ambassadors? why not America? or the world? We've established connections with nearly every delegate here. It will no doubt be a slow process, but if it can be done, I will." "Aaron.....I don't even know what to say to you. You're talking treason for hells sake! How can I rightly join you?!" "I thought that you would be very glad to join me! You would sit beside me, and we would rule. What more could you want?" "I'm not going to say that I'm a perfect man. But Treason like that is far beyond me!! I won't join you! I won't help you in the slightest! however, I won't hinder you. For the sake of our long friendship. I will let you run your course. But, if you fail, don't say that you were not warned." "I'm sorry that you will not help. We would have been the greatest among men. But I resect your choice, for the very reason you refuse to hinder me, I will remain your truest friend. And no one will ever hold the place you hold in my heart." and with that, they parted company. Though they remained steadfast friends until their deaths.

The next morning, Aaron visited the English delegate. They talked long of Aaron's plans, who would be required, and how it should be brought about. "But we cannot talk to Sung Wa unless we have something very specific to offer him, you know how particular he is about hings." said Gordon. "Yes, he will be the hardest to convince. It will be possible though. We will tell him that he can hold all of asia, australia, and the pacific islands. And then once he's of no more use, we stab him." "This is sounding like a very pheasible thing! I never imagined that I would be a UN delegate planing the conquest of the world." "All things come in time. And this, well this will just have to come in our lives. It's getting late though. And were it to seem that we were becoming to friendly there might be trouble. Goodnight."

Aaron went home thinking of the events of the past two nights. "What would keep one man so strongly held against an idea, and yet draw another in as quickly as space engulfs all around it? What makes us who we are? Is it our Humanity? No, that isn't it. Perhaps it is related to our values. Yes, I think that is the answer. Though how two men could be so different is still amazing in itself." 'Driver, why is it taking so long to get home?" Almost as soon as he said this the car swung sharply to the right, into an ally. then the driver turned around holding a knife in his hand. He could see two other men running towards the car from the end of the ally. He pulled out his pistol, the very same one which he had shot Kraig Smith with almost 10 years ago (after which he always carried with him), and fired straight into the man's face. It hit him in the mouth, shattering his teeth and causing him to choke and gag on his own blood that was now pouring out the hole in the back of his throat and down into his stomach and lungs. Aaron threw open his car door and jumped out. Both these men were armed with knives, but he saw that one had a gun holster. They were shocked at seeing him outside of the car. Not realizing what had happened inside, because the tint of the glass was so dark. He fired at the man with the gun holster first, hitting his leg and severing the main artery. The man fell to the ground screaming and cursing. It seemed strange to Aaron that the man would yell so much, as if it were the end of the world. And as he followed that train of thought he realized that truly, it was for that man. Soon, less then five minutes infact, but why?" That was as far as he got because the other man, the one with only a knife was running at him with the knife raised above his head, looking, quite comically, like a bad imitation of a homicidal maniac in a movie that didn't have a big enough budget. Aaron fired. and all was still. There was no scream, no last word, perhaps even no meaningful last thought. The man was dead, and as dead as dead can be. He had been shot straight through the head. Without uttering a word, he died. No one would remember who he was, he was nothing. He didn't even have last words. He was dead and Death would not release the prize given him.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Riseing of Powers (aka MCR)Pt 4: It Had To Be Done

it was 3:00 am and the air was warm, balmy infact. Inside a small house, at the end of a long winding country road, a child was awake, crying and screaming with all his might. The parents of the child were holding it and trying to coax it back to sleep, but to no avail.

10 years later, the same child was a very smart 10 1/2 year old who loved to be in charge even though this often got him into alot of trouble at school. His name was Aaron.

Fortunately for him, his parents owned a small lumber yard, the only one in the area infact. So throughout his entire life he had been able to go to the best schools, stores, and restaurants. Making him into somewhat of a connoisseur at a young age.

"hey, what are you doing?!" Aaron yelled at a kid who was beating up Aaron's friend David."WHy? You got a problem?!!!?" "Let him go now!" "no, hehe, why don't you's come get him." Aaron went over but the bully just turned around and hit hi in the jaw, knocking him over. Then the principle came, and the entire issue was almost completely forgoten, even by David. Except Aaron remembered. "I'll always remember. He'll pay for that one day."

7 years later, Aaron and David were still best of friends. Continually gaurding each others backs. They were the smartest kids in the school. And they even taught a Speech class for the school.

"I need gas very badly." said Aaron as they were driving home from the Circus Maximus, an amphithearter that barely deserved it's name. "I believe that sign up there is for one." sadi David.

They got out of the car, and Aaron went in to pay while David pumped it. "hello, here's 20 dollars. Please put it on pump number 4." As Aaron said this he had a vague feeling like he knew the employee standing behind the desk. "Who is he? And where did I meet him...." "here! takes your's change!!!" "What? oh, very sorry. I was just thinking." "I knew I had met him before," he thought as he went to his car. "He's the one who cracked my jaw in 5th grade. he's going to pay for that."

They got to their apartement, they both lived together because their parents wouldn't allow them to have guns as long as they lived with them. So they had both moved out and rented an apartment together.

As soon as they got home arron went inside and took out his gun. Then he sat down on the couch, and stared blankly into the wall. "Aaron, em, are you ok?" He didn't answer. Just continued to stare into the wall. "What is it Aaron? You can tell me." Aaron broke out of his thought. "Oh, nothing. I think I'm just over tired, thats all. I'm going to bed."

Aaron couldn't sleep. His thoughts were to overwhelming. He had never forgotten what happened that one day at school. He had refused to. He had seared it into his mind, and it couldn't be removed. After he heard David go to bed, and a bit after to be sure he was asleep, he quietly stole out of his room, with his smith & wesson 908 in the inside chest pocket of his coat.

He got in his car.......and drove off towards the gas station. "It's certainly a good thing he has to stay there until 3 am, otherwise I would most likely not have found him."

He drove up to the gas station. "yes, he's still there. of course he is. And he'll be here even longer then he expected." Aaron got out of his car and walked into the mini-mart. "Hello, I realized that I didn't get enough gas to make it all the way home. And this is the only gas station around." "What?! is you's not from around heea? theyss all along the road from heea to Delawa." "It's ok. I really needed to come here." And with that he pulled out his pistol and fired. The bullet hit him in the him. He screamed. One of the most horrible screams that Aaron had ever heard. But it was ok. Because this had to be done. "Who is you's!!!!" "I'm that one who had a problem with you when you would beat up my friend. I'm the one who's jaw you cracked. all for your fun. Now it's my turn." With that he fired again, hitting him in the neck. "You're going to feel this. but don't worry. It will be over by the morning." Then he fired twice, in the chest. and with that he left. "He will be dead soon. It had to be done."

He got back to his apartment. Put away his gun. Washed the blood from his hands and feet, and went to bed. To sleep until the dawn.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Chemical Romance Chapter 3: The Beggining, Pt 2

Jane picked up the bag with the notebook. As soon she got everything together she ran out to her car. She was about to get in when I man in a suit ran up behind her. "Freeze!" She screamed as she pointed her gun at him. "I am here to help you" He said with a heavy German accent. "But first you have to put the gun down." "Ok, then tell me where my friends are." "I don't know for sure, but I can tell you who took them. But it would be safer were we driving rather than standing here."

They got in the car and started to drive around the city while the man in the suit began to explain what was happening.
"So who are these men in black suits?" "They are working for our enemies." "But who ARE they?!" "I'm sorry but I don't think you need to know that right now. "Then what is this all about!!!!?" Do you think it was through pure majority of votes that Aaron Schielking is our ONLY international representative? When David Felhow died in a "subway accident" it was really his men who murdered him and then set up a clever cover up. There were countless outher "accidents" and tragedies that were perpetrated by his orders, some fatal, and others merely as "threats". Your father was involved in one of these "accidents" almost right after you were born. He and you Mother were driving, or being driven, rather, when their driver turned the car towards a cliff and jumped out. they were both killed. "Wait!" She said in a broken tone. "If my parents aren't my real parents.....who am I?" Said Jane as she began to cry "Your real name is Paige Durk. And now you hold the very thing that the man, who killed your father and many others, wants." "Well the......n...n.....what am I....I supposed to do with it?" She said between sobs. "We need to get it to the CIA, they are the only one's who can be trusted." "wel..l..l.l....then why don't you tell me what it is?!" She said in an impatiently irritated tone. "It is a chemical formula that is designed for our enemies. That is all you need to know for now." "It is the last piece of a chemical formula that, if created and released, will decintigrate everything within the given parameter." Jane was shucked at what she now had in the back seat of her car. "Could it be that I've just gotten thrown into this big of a mess? I was sure this type of thing only happened in books. But why me? after all I've never been the smartest, or the best at anything really. I wish this hadn't have happened...."That car has been following us for 10 minutes now." Said the German wrenching her out of her thoughts.

As he said this the car suddenly jolted forwards and sped towards them. "Quickly! Drive faster!" He yelled in his usual thick german accent. "I can't go any faster! And they're still gaining!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Chemical Romance Chapter 3: The Beggining

She stepped into the room, it was trashed. "Wow, they really destroyed this place. And they didn't even leave a clue or anything. Oh, whats that?" She walked over to the nightstand and found a compact pistol laying on it. Loaded as well. "Well, this might come in handy soon. I've never fired a gun before though."

Her phone started ringing. "Hello?" "This is Monika. Meet me at Starbucks right now" "Why?" "Just Come!"

"Wow, I don't think I've ever had Monika call me and use less that 75 words. Somethings wrong. I hope they didn't catch her!"

Jane got in a taxi and drove to starbucks as quickly as the driver would go.

As soon as she went in Monika harshly whispered her to come over. "What is it?" "shhhhhhhhh! Keep your voice down." "Why?" "Because they're watching us!" Who?" "Listen, just take this bag bring it somewhere safe and then destroy it. They've been following me and they think that I left it at home. It's my only chance to get rid of whats in here." "Ok, but if I get arrested for this then you're in huge trouble." "Just go!" Jane walked out to her car and got out of the parking lot, she looked around and saw three cars pull in and men in black suits got out of them. She sped away as fast as she could.

""Whats in this bag that was so important to Monika?"" She opened the backpack and poured out what was in it. ""What?! All that fuss over a notebook? Well might as well open it."" She began to read what was written inside, though you could hardly call it writing. "What is all this?" As she continued to read, she slowly began to realize that it was a massive chemical formula....all written by hand. Infact, as she skimmed through the book it appeared that it was all written by the same person, with the same sprawling, nearly unintelligible, handwriting.But why did Monika have something like this? And where was Jake? Oh my gosh! Jake and Monika! They must have taken them both!"

My Chemical Romance Chapter 2:The Black Men, Pt2

Jane checked into the hotel. ""Well this is sad, I finish school merely to be stalked by The Black Men and to hide away in a hotel. I wonder if Monika's safe or not. I certainly hope she is."

She got to her room. She opened the door and started to make herself at home. "So this is what those TV shows are like in real life, haha, I would never have expected for something like this to ever happen to me." And with that she lay down on the bed and slept.

She suddenly woke up because she heard loud feet coming up the stairs. "What?! Oh no, it's them!" She quickly grabbed the little bit of food she had with her and got out the window and began climbing down the fire escape. When she got to the bottom she ran as fast as she could. She didn't know where she was going, just away from "Them". "Taxi! Taxi! Quick, get me to the Southington apartment complex!" "what ever you say." and the taxi sped away.

When they got there she ran inside and went up to Monika's apartment. "Monika!? Monika?! Where is she!" She finally got to the floor Monika's apartment was on, she ran down the hall and, found the door broken down and the apartment ransacked.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Chemical Romance Chapter 2:The Black Men

"So do you really not think it's possible that car was following us?" "No! HOw came you won't listen to me! It's all just a coincidence!

They got to Monika's apartment without any further interruption and started unloading Jane's car. "Hey, so I was thinking, since we didn't really do anything to celebrate after your graduation, we're going to get you that museum pass that you were thinking of getting! It was the only thing that I could think of! But I hope you get to use it a lot!" "Thanks Monika." Said Jane in a thankful but not exuberant tone.

"There's that car!" almost screamed Monika. "I thought you didn't think it was anything?" "Well I do now! Get your car and we'll park it around in the back, then we can watch from there."

The bricks of the back of the apartment building were black from soot and dirt and it didn't look like anyone had parked back there for more than 10 years. ""So Monika why is this any safer than the front?" "Because , not many people know about it. Now shhhhhhh!"

As they watched they saw the car pull into the drive was and then they heard the car doors open and some people get out but they weren't able to see what they looked like or how many there were.

"Ok, lets go, I've had enough of this suspense." Said Jane in a hoarse whisper. "You go, I'll wait back here until they leave. Don't worry! I'll be fine."

So monika got out of the car and started to climb up the fire escape and Jane drove off not really knowing where she was going but knowing that she wanted to get away from "Them" as she put it in her mind.

She was getting onto the highway when her phone started to ring. "Hello, Jane?" "What did you find?" She said in a sort of irritable voice. "Yes, and it's meaning is sort of strange. If you take all the letters and jumble them, then resort them into as many different phrases as they make it says The Black Men. If I were you I would just watch out for anything thats even slightly out of the ordinary." "Oh my gosh." "What?" There's a car thats been following me all day. I don't know who or what it is." "I think it's them. I'm going to go to a hotel because I don't think anywhere else is safe, they know where Monika lives and I'm sure they know what dorm I was staying in. I'm going to stop by and leave my car at starbucks, then I can walk to the hotel and hopefully they won't be able to follow me." "Ok, Ineed to get back to this dull work of giving people coffee." and Jake hung up."Bye! uggggh, I hate it how he does that."

Jane left her car and started walking to the nearest, and cheapest, hotel she could find. As she was walking she kept thinking about the note, the car that had followed her, and why they had gone into Monika's apartment building. ""why had all this happened? What did she or Monika have that they wanted so badly? This is all really strange, I'll call the police tomorrow, today I'm to worn out to give an hour long explanation over the phone. This is definitely not what I thought getting out of school would be like."